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The International Journal of Advance in Scientific Research and Engineering (IJASRE) is a scholarly peer-reviewed, an open access multidisciplinary journal for publication of new ideas, the state of the art research results and fundamental advances in all fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. The vision of IJASRE is to publish original articles related to the Current trends of research in the field of Science, Engineering, and Technology. IJASRE brings together Scientists, Academicians, Engineers, Scholars, and Students of Science, Engineering, and Technology.
Authors should prepare their manuscripts according to the instructions given in the authors' guidelines. The Journal reserves the right to make any further formal changes and language corrections necessary in a manuscript accepted for publication so that it conforms to the formatting requirements of the Journal.

Vol. 5, Issue 5,  May - 2019  Submission Open.  


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Submission opens for Vol 5, Issue 4 April19 Issue

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Current Issue

Political Economy: A Primer
Design, Implementation and Assessment of a New Automatic Hydraulic Braking System
Community Computing
Experimental Assessment of Diesel Fuel Injection System Faults Using Vibration Signal Analysis
Individual Taxpayers Compliance in Policy of Post Tax Amnesty Program: Phenomenology Study
Empirical Analysis of Farmers’ Perception on Causes, Variability and Control Measures of Soil Erosion on Different Lands in Yola and Environs of Nigeria
Effectiveness of NPK Fertilizer-Saw Dust Amendment on Biodegradation of Crude Oil in Polluted Soil
Study of the Mandrillus sphinx (Cercopithecoidea) diet behavior from the Lekedi Park (South-East, Gabon) as a valuable approach for drugs discovery
Public Awareness of Malaria Diseases and Transmitting Plant: A Case Study of Ahiazu Mbaise, Nigeria
Investigating the Effects of Multicollinearity on the Model Parameters of Ordinary Least Squares Estimator
Evaluation of Friction-Slit Hybrid Dampers in Moment-Resisting Steel Frames
The Effect of Using the Nitrogen in Automotive Tires on the Ride Comfort
Controller Design for Magnetic Levitation System Using Bacteria for Aging Algorithm Technique
Comparative Evaluation of Surface Treatment Effect of AZ91D Alloy Material
Comparative Studies on Modelling and Optimization of Soil Parameters on Crude Oil Contaminated Mangrove and Clay Soils Remediation Using Box-Behnken  RSM
Multi-Level and Generic Decisional Model for E-Governance Applications in the Educational Field
Analytical Behavior of High and Ultra-High Rise Structures Using Different Lateral Load Carrying Systems

Past Issue

Experimental study of Optimum Working Temperature Range of Deep Cycled Lead Acid Solar Battery

Optimization of Hata Model for 2.1 GHz Networks in Owerri Metropolis Nigeria

Prospective Study of Crowdfunding

The Photolytic Cleavage of Methylpyridinecobaloxime [Co(CH3)(dmgH)2(py)] as a Mimetic of Vitamin B12

Carbon Mineralization Kinetics from Legume Residues Applied to a High Altitude Acidic Soil

Application of Road Transportation System to Generate Electricity via Road Humps in Lagos State, Nigeria

Comparative Treatments of Waste Municipal Surface Water with Moringa Oleifera Seed and Activated Carbon in Zaria Metropolis, Northern Nigeria

Sensitivity-Based Data Anonymization Model with Mixed Generalization

Sound Pollution Effect on Fish Mortality Rate in Tank Experiment

Schematization of Enterprise Architecture Models for Ontology Validation

Assessment of Health Human Resources Policy for Health Workers at Community Health Centers in Eastern Indonesia

The achievements of the Public Employment Policies

Enterprise Architecture Models: Description of Integrated Components for Validation

Optimization of Passive Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collector

Pathogenic Microbes Growth Pattern Analysis in Staple Suya Meat Consumption Using the Bayesian Networks

Review on Current Global Geothermal Energy Potentials and the Future Prospects

The Impact of Workplace Environment, Motivation and Workplace discipline on Employees’ Performance of Local  Water Supply Utility  at Sikka Regency, Indonesia

Investigation of Locus Beans Waste Ash as Partial Replacement for Cement in Concrete Structures

The Influence of Education Level, Infrastructure and Workplace Environment on Teacher Performance: A Case Study of SMK PGRI Turen Malang

Scalable Concentric Diversification Approach to Food Production for Sustainability in Rural Communities

Effect of the Rate of Incorporation of Rubber Seed Cake (Hevea brasiliensis) on the Zootechnical Performance of local Ducks (Cairina moschata Linnaeus, 1758) in Semi-Intensive Breeding in Cote d’Ivoire

Usability Profiling of Enterprise Validation Matrices, Metaphors and Methodologies

Power Grid Corridor Modelling for Efficient Electricity Distribution in Communities of Damaturu Nigeria Using GIS

Analytical Modelling of Steady-State Solutions and its Implication

Strategic Analysis of Internal, External Factor Evaluation Matrix and Strategic Planning in BTPN bank, Indonesia

The Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Evidence on Online Transportation Services in Indonesia

The Application of Service Quality and Brand Image to Maintain Customer Loyalty by Utilizing Satisfaction Strategy in Insurance Companies

Amorphous Computing

Growth and Yield response of Maize (Zea mays L.) to Different Rates of NPK fertilizer and Poultry manure in the Western Highlands of Cameroon


The Effect of Motivation and Situational Leadership Style Towards Employee Performance Through Work Satisfaction at Developer Company

Geology and Petrography of Basement Rocks around Tsauni, Northwestern Nigeria

Design and Implementation of a Cloud Based Energy Monitoring and Control System for Demand Response

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