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The International Journal of Advance in Scientific Research and Engineering (IJASRE) is a scholarly peer-reviewed, an open access multidisciplinary journal for publication of new ideas, the state of the art research results and fundamental advances in all fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. The vision of IJASRE is to publish original articles related to the Current trends of research in the field of Science, Engineering, and Technology. IJASRE brings together Scientists, Academicians, Engineers, Scholars, and Students of Science, Engineering, and Technology.
Authors should prepare their manuscripts according to the instructions given in the authors' guidelines. The Journal reserves the right to make any further formal changes and language corrections necessary in a manuscript accepted for publication so that it conforms to the formatting requirements of the Journal.

  Submission Open. Vol 5, Issue 9, Sep-2019   

Last date for paper submission 25th September 2019.

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Submission opens for Vol 5, Issue 9, September-19 Issue

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IJASRE uses PORTICO as digital archiving policy. Articles digitally available forever

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Current Issue

Analysis of Development Block Paving with Plastic Waste Material Adhesive Leaves
Solar Elevation Angle and   Solar Culmination Determination using Celestial   Observation; A Case Study Of Hadejia  Jigawa State, Nigeria
Design, Simulation and Comparison of Different Stage Amplifiers Using 2N2222A Transistor
The Barriers to Knowledge Sharing Practice in Nigerian Construction Firms
The Place of Quality Market Research in Real Estate Investment Decisions
Energy System Audit of Lighting and Air Conditioning in Building E and F Cilacap State Polytechnic
The Implementation of Doelmatigheid Principle in the Procurement of Government’s Goods and Services to Prevent the Criminal Act of Corruption
Financial Autonomy of Territorial Communities and the Attractiveness of Moroccan Regions
Statistical Study on Types, Causes, Effects and Remedies of Corrupt Practices in Construction Industries in Nigeria
Improvement of Channel Capacity in a Multiple Input Multiple Output LTE Radio System for Gsm-Users Using Ideal Power Distribution Technique
Designing A New Framework for Securing Electronic Commerce Systems at Design Phase: With A Special Reference to an Emerging Economy
Hybrid Design using Counter Propagation Neural Network-Genetic Algorithm Model for the Anomaly Detection in Online Transaction
The Correlation between Vehicle Age and Vehicle Operating Cost of Public Transportation in Banjar Regency

Past Issue

Benchmarking Energy consumption in Nigeria Universities

Solar Water Heating Systems Potential in Nigeria- A Review 

Merton’s Jump Diffusion Model an Application to Stock Markets of East African Countries

Reanalysis and Re-evaluation of Geochemical Data of Central Basin of Republic Democratic of Congo 

Geothermal Electricity Generation, Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations

Emergence of bla TEM resistance gene in ESBL-producing Escherichia coli clinical isolates from Health facilities in Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria

Effects of Solvents on the Electronic and Molecular Properties of 4-((2-Methyl-4-Nitrophenyl) Imino Methyl)Phenol

Impact of Climate change on the Bouregreg Watershed Vegetation and Forest of Morocco

The Study of Reused Silica-Titania Catalyst on Biodiesel Production in Various Reaction Times

Media Access Control (MAC) Protocols: An Overview

Paradoxical Effect of the Cultural Distance on the Attractiveness of the Territorial Morocco for the French FDI: of Acculturation in the  Intercultural Misfit

Agro-Morphological Characterization of Myrianthus Arboreus (P. Beauv) in Cote d'Ivoire

Evaluating the Effect of Interface Shape on the fracture properties of Cellulose Nanocrystal (CNC) Nano-Films

The Influence of Relationship Marketing and Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Impact on Word of Mouth Customers at the Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tulungagung Branch

Effects of Urea and Di-Ammonium Phosphate Application on Acidification of three Burundi representative Soils


Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Dioscorea alata L. cv “Brazo” Starch during post-harvest Storage 

Bioplastics from Fruit Waste

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