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IJASRE - Volume 3, Issue 5, June-2017

Pages: 109-117


Author: Davalsab.M.Ladammanavar, Prof Anand.S.N, Sachin Prabha

Category: Mechanical Engineering

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Investigation of accidents for buses and Automotive, Accidents involved frontal crash creates a vital portion among all bus accidents. Through this sort accidents, front body of the bus structure gets severely damaged and this will lead drivers and crew injury risk. And most of the frontal crash accidents ends up with the death of the driver. As a result of this, the protection of the driver and crew ought to be ensured within the case of frontal crash accidents. Providing the safety of the driver is crucial since bus driver is a key person for keeping the control of the bus within the event of accidents, the safety of the passengers are going to be ensured. Usually, the bus structures are developed in consideration of less weight, efficiency, and safety. Due to fragile structure, it causes a more damage during an accident. The thesis proposes a new method for designing a bus body structure in 3 Dimensional modeling software creo-3.0. Finite Elemental Method and Ansys Software are being used to analyze crash simulations. The nonlinear dynamic explicit finite element method is used to establish the frontal crashworthiness model of vehicle, the finite element model is consistent with vehicle improving stiffness. The result analysis of Dynamic simulation calculation and Boundary condition of the front crash is processed to a particular bus chassis model, which improve the front crash safety performance the safe ejections of passengers. In This Proposed thesis, result analysis is carried in three type’s Numerical and Simulation method. The experimental method is analyzed in Scale module bus chassis and structural stiffness is examined by the Simulation analysis. It is vital important role so to understand the Dynamic impact load Analysis are which are examined in Ansys/ Finite Elemental Method software

Keywords: Crash analysis, Design enhancement. ANSYS, Volvo bus, B9R explicit, Dynamic Analysis

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