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IJASRE - Volume 3,Issue 7, Aug-2017

Pages: 1-7


Author: Rudresh M , Nitesh Karbari, Maruthi B.H

Category: Mechanical Engineering

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In this paper, the failure analysis of the air engine's turbine disk has been established in a certain type of aircraft. From the visual examination of the surface of the fracture, the signs of the beach could be inspected, general of fatigue failure. In operating conditions, a non-linear finite element was used to determine the stress position of the disk / blade segment. High stress areas were found in the area of lower fur-tree slots, where the failure occurred. A calculation was also done at a very rotational pace. The focus of this study is devoted to the mechanism of damage to turbine discs and significant high stress areas.Residual stresses that after removing the root cause of stress, it remains in solid content. Under residual stress engineering  environmental and aircraft load challenges, increasingly important aspects of design and construction of monolithic wind farms are becoming increasingly important. Residual force does not affect structural performance only during the life cycle of the service, but they also affect the quality of the part during manufacturing and assembly. Residual stress can be desirable or undesirable, during most of the manufacturing processes related to physical deformation, heat treatment, machining or processing operation, residual stress occurs, which change the size or properties of the material. They have originated from many sources and can be present in unused raw materials produced during production or manufacture by in-service shipment.

Keywords: Turbine disc , Failure analysis , Fatigue , Turbine engine , Residual stresses.



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