The Effect of Training Adults on the Safe Use of Computers: An Awareness Campaign Initiative


  • Abrar Y. AlDekheel Public Authority for Applied Education & Training, Computer Department, Kuwait



Awareness, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber security, Internet, Training.


People across different age groups worldwide use computers and smart devices with access to the Internet. This highlights the importance of educating users and making them aware of the threats to cybersecurity, hazards of the Internet, privacy and safety of personal information, and various kinds of online attacks. This study investigates the level of awareness among adults of the safe use of computers with Internet access. Data were collected by using two surveys: An initial survey was conducted to measure the users’ level of awareness before they attended a lecture, training, or workshop. A follow-up survey was subsequently conducted after the lecture/training/workshop to measure its effects on the users' awareness and understanding of the safety and security of using devices connected to the Internet. We also investigate new methods to reduce cyberattacks, and the responsiveness of users to unknown links and threats.

The findings of this study indicates that there is a positive influence on the participants after the workshop as it improves their knowledge of the privacy and security issues related to the use of social media and the use of different internet tools and increase their awareness level about the cybercrimes and different threats in the digital world. Yet, the results still show struggles in understanding the safety of their personal information and their contents in social media. Hence, a recommendation of more training in the field of applying practical privacy and security steps is still required to enhance their skills and ability to protect themselves and educate others in their communities.


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Abrar Y. AlDekheel. (2024). The Effect of Training Adults on the Safe Use of Computers: An Awareness Campaign Initiative. International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering (IJASRE), ISSN:2454-8006, DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE, 10(5), 15–29.